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Tupac Shakur: Something Wicked This Way Comes

-Tupac Shakur has come to tell us he was a freedom writer, not a freedom rider. View his lyrics, his thoughts and you will see why he was born and why he came to earth

-He was not the typical illiterate "G" who was out there slinging drugs and robbing and beating people, he was an educated black man with prose in his heart, justice on his mind, and the essence of the creator in his soul. Thug life was about being in the times, so people saw him, listened to him, and it was the way he had come in so brothers would relate. The choice of that life, was not good for him, it took a toll because of the people who surrounded him, that mentality of the back stabbing is what Tupac calls it; it brought him down to a place he couldn't get out of. He was ready to die, ready to leave his body and his life at the time of his death, he made the choice, his soul decided, it was time to go. He had a love in his life, sweet girl, but he wasn't going to be able to maintain he says. Her name is Kidada. He was paranoid, but not paranoid enough about the right people and situations.

-Tupac should  have stayed out of the spotlight and he knows it now. It was full of snakes. He speaks of his death, and you don't have to be Colombo to know who did it he says emphatically. Stevie Wonder can see it he says, Helen Keller can see it and hear it. He says the name Marion and he said he will call the nigga Marion, not by Suge Knight because that's a street name and the  broke nigga has no street cred according to Tupac Shakur. He's broke Tupac says not just because Marion has no paper in his pocket, he's broke spiritually, he has no soul says the legendary rapper. Nigga (Tupac is talking about Marion) watched "Scarface" too many times and thought he could be John Gotti, he can't be a shoe shiner on the street Tupac says as his voice gets louder. He said everyone knows who ordered the hit, and how it happened. Then Tupac continues very animated with these questions " Who owed me money? What record label was I cutting ties with? Who knew the night I was shot, was the first night in a long time I had gone out not wearing a bullet proof vest? Who made sure the crooked ass Wrightway securtiy was going to be an accomplice and paid for it too? Reggie Wright is a lying, corrupt motherfucka" Tupac continues his rant "Marion will pay the piper, karma is a bitch and it's coming to him and he hasn't even felt it yet." Tupac wants this on the record, Orlando Anderson did not have Tupac taken out, it had nothing to do with crips and he has talked to Orlando on the other side and they are cool now. Tupac says the answer to his death is obvious and continues " Who knew I had all those unfinished songs?" GREED in capital letters is why Tupac states he was killed, not over some east coast, west coast bullshit. That was all made up and people tried to live the gimmick out, even he tried to live the gimmick out. Tupac knows Marion's former girlfriend Melissa knows the truth but he doesn't want to see her killed.

-His death was planned out and the truth of it lies in L.A, not in dirty Vegas Tupac says with extreme frustration. He says there are films that have been made about it and everyone with a brain knows who had him taken out. Tupac also wants to mention "The bitch ass motherfucka who shot him wasn't even paid that well." He then mentions someone named Anita Padilla. He mentions the name "Damon" and says Damon needs to work to bring out the truth of his death and Biggie's death. He is looking at Damon Dash he says over and over. The answers are in L.A. now he tells me again!

-Tupac wants everyone to know that Christopher Wallace is his boy, they have been close since the day Christopher crossed over. They are tight. "The same corrupt nigga who had me  taken out had Christopher Wallace taken out too" as Tupac continues to question why these murders have not been solved. Christopher no longer goes by the alias BIGGIE SMALLS on that side. Tupac explains the connection of the murders, "The reason Biggie had to be removed was, he was coming to L.A. and word got out, that someone was going to snitch Marion out. Since Biggie was accused of taking me out, Marion got scared." According to Tupac, Marion was scared of Biggie and afraid of what he would do with the information. Marion never cared about Puffy or Diddy or whatever he calls himself these days, cause Puffy just rode in on the same horse as Biggie. Tupac says, someone was going to snitch to Biggie and besides, it was a way to keep the so-called rap wars going and the legends bringing in money. Vegas police claim they spent so much money and never interviewed the right people according to Tupac. Biggie Smalls died because of Tupac's murder, plain and simple. There was no retaliation for shit Tupac says.

-Tupac says the jailhouse snitches are fakes. He says it's important to know, when he was robbed in New York, that was a set-up by someone who knew him well but not Biggie or Diddy. He knows that now. "That Motherfucker is never going to be heard from" says Tupac. Tupac claims he was frontin' when he was robbed and shot in New York and it was a loud wake-up call from the universe, one he didn't get the way he should. It was a warning, a sign but he didn't take it in the right way, "my bad" Tupac says, shaking his head.

-Going to jail due to his conviction on sexual assault should have been an epiphany for Tupac now realizes, because of who was around him. He didn't get that right either and he says, he didn't rape anyone, he wasn't present when all the shit took place with people around him. Everyone wanted a piece of Tupac and he couldn't live a life like that. He learned in prison racism wasn't what he thought it was, and he gained a new understanding about all people. But he failed to get the underlying message and soon after  he was shot and robbed in New York City. The Universe was slapping him in the face again and getting louder when he was robbed and shot in New York. His conviction for a crime he didn't commit was the ultimate "loud ass wake-up call" Tupac tells us.  He smiles and said he should have listened. His mind was becoming poisoned though his pen got stronger. He says Shakespeare wrote about it, he lived it, all the stories are in Shakespeare. Tupac loved women, still does, and would never intentionally hurt one.  He knows he was innocent of what he convicted of in prison, but guilty of not being the man he should have been and looking out for the girl who was assaulted and traumatized after he left.  "She was a victim" says Tupac but he also reveals "She should have thought more of herself than to just want to be a groupie to someone like me.  Look at the sick crew and nasty motherfucka's that were around me.  Women should think more of themselves than that but I also should have realized, someone with that mentality about herself, needs to be protected, from themself and others." 

-Tupac has deep, unabiding love for his Mother but doesn't care about his biological father saying "the nigga means nothing to me." He is around many you would not know on the other side, and is with a teacher named Rashani on the other side, but those you would know he associates with would be his "nigga", Eric Wright, also known as Eazy-E and says they are really close. He talks about how Eric was going to at one time, murder Marion and if he had, Tupac and Biggie would be alive today, smoking blunts. Eric wishes he had done it, despite the karma because Eric had a death sentence coming with AIDS anyway. He says Eric was the "real G" and "The Crossroads" performed by his boys, is the bomb. He is around Eric quite a bit and also, Tupac wants everyone to know, that O.D.B., OL' DIRTY BASTARD that is, who is just "Russ" on the other side now, is actually sane and Tupac laughs loud even thinking about it. He see Lisa Lopes all the time and says she is sweet with light and grace. But she" burned down a nigga's house down" so Tupac has to respect her.

-The other side has no color and Tupac knew there was another side and he is glad to be there now. His life was no joy ride but he tried to enjoy it and he talks about his close friend on the other side, former lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence. Tupac says "Hutch is my man" and they communicate all the time, he has much love for him.

-Tupac doesn't like his songs being put out after his death in ways other people wanted them to sound, it really annoys him but that's how the dice roll he says.

-Tupac doesn't much keep track music on earth , he has better things to do. During his time though, one rapper he said was making statements that were more in touch than his were. He points to this song and calls him another "freedom writer" and his name is Paris.

If he could rap together with an artist on any song in recent times, it would be this: as Tupac could see himself on this song and he laughs.

As far as singers today, Tupac says this one and this song is where it's at cause he's the best lyricist:

-Tupac is not with Medger Evans, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, he gets the bigger picture now and the commonality that unites all souls. He really doesn't think much of Obama. "Just because there is a black president that's just putting a band-aid that won't hold on major wounds" says Tupac. He is not down with Obama's philosophy and can't support just based on skin color.

- Tupac wants his murder solved because the truth needs to come out and there is so much people on earth are lied to about, the deception is staggering. he wants those out there to be careful when the universe sends you signs, make sure you get the message, the true message that is or else it will get louder next time. Tupac says you will always get warnings.

-Drugs aren't necessarily bad he says but Tupac claims they just muffle things too much. It's fuzzy, not clear, even weed is bad in excess. He says " live clean nigga's. See the truth".

-Tupac was hated because he spoke out and exposed the truth about authority like a 60's civil rights figure. His time was going to be short no matter what, too controversial, too envied and too hated. He leaves a red rose behind for his Mother. He says she will always be his rose and he doesn't talk to psychics cause he hates to be misquoted, misunderstood and typecast. He says they want to spin him their way. He was misunderstood and type casted on earth for years, "no more of that" as he looks at me quite seriously.

-His friend Jada knew his heart the best, and he thanks her for expressing that so much.

-Tupac is still a rebel but with a cause to help all humanity see the truth, and stop believing the bullshit. Racism is just ignorance and when one stands up to it Tupac says, the racist is threatened on levels he can't understand. Tupac was a threat to everyone and he laughs, but his own race betrayed him the most. He says "Peace" he's out for now, much love to all who he read this. He turns back around to offer a few more words before exiting:

-"The Apocalypse comes to some who think they have gotten away with bad shit he says, just wait." Tupac promises deliverance. 

These are the last words Tupac Shakur said to me:

"You will understand my spirit still roams and will not rest until I find justice,
not poetic justice, literal justice"

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