Thursday, July 7, 2011

Michael Hutchence: Room 524

-Michael Hutchence  is here to tell the truth about his life and death.  He does this to illuminate others and he is tired of people falsely claiming to channel him or speak to him from the other side.  He is very selective, he's a psychic snob of sorts.

-Michael  last spoke to Jacqueline and he loves and values her, as she is his spiritual teacher on the other side.  He is not speaking to any other so-called psychics or mediums other than visiting Claudia Portugal for confirmations of this channeling,  and to someone he calls "MJ" who he will give spiritual messages to because she is pure of heart. Over the years, he has visited Francine Milano, a medium in Pennsylvania he regards as a true friend.   Years back, he gave some communication to a psychic called Kat Tucci in the state of Texas which had much to do with some of his personal friends on earth.  That completes the list he tells me, he doesn't show-up for fans to do channeling or writing and show-up for them with psychics or mediums. 

-Michael wants it known and emphasizes, he  does not channel to anyone, but  Jacqueline who’s blog you are reading and then to "MJ" and he doesn't come in to give general messages.  It takes energy for him to communicate to this side, as it does for all of them and he is very selective.  He wasn't selective enough with whom he chose to spend some of his time with on earth, but now he will be much more careful, and scrutinize whom he speaks with carefully.  He doesn't feel a need to speak to anyone who gives brief channeling messages from so-called celebrities on the other side with no substance.  Please ignore them he says and don't believe it's him for two seconds.  He is rather busy on the other side and has no time for nonsense or those who are not authentic channels.  He sends his love to Erin, who knows his communication is authentic, he has sent her signs and is sorry she bore witness to his behavior the night after the INXS concert when Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed had died, he was in a very bad place that particular night.  He had met Diana previously but had traveled in similar circles as Dodi Fayed. 

-Michael has a brother named   Rhett who  engaged psychics in speaking to him not long after his death, and this had  mixed results Michael tells me, so he's  done talking to the likes of psychics for the rich and famous or those who want to be rich and famous. 

-Michael  is not with Paula Yates on the other side though he does watch over his daughter with her, as does Paula.  Paula has been watching all over her daughters ever so closely every minute of every day.  He knows he was lied to about Bob Geldof making an attempt to take his child from him.  He was lied to every minute, by most of the people around him, about his business affairs, his money, his child, all of it.  He lived in deception.  He did not die in debauchery, truth be known, his brainwaves were zig zagging in a "Z" pattern the morning of his death.  He was mixing so-called street drugs with alcohol, and prescription drugs (which he believes are more dangerous than street drugs).  He experienced "temporary insanity" and insists if he had not been drinking so heavily that night and mixing the alcohol with drugs, he would have not taken his life.  It was not a sex act gone bad, just because he was hedonistic, and tried almost everything. Michael  died alone and he was not doing a solo sex act when he died.  He certainly would do just about anything as what we would consider as more ordinary types of sex acts failed to thrill him anymore but he took his own life that day, totally out of his mind. 

-Michael suffered from manic depression his entire life, and in 1992, suffered what was termed a brain bruising when he got into a conflict with a cab driver in Copenhagen.  He was a man who lived by his five senses, he could afford to dine in the finest restaurants on earth, have his cologne custom made, but after the brain bruising, his sense of smell and taste were gone!  Michael's manic episodes were not all that noticeable until after the brain bruising, his moods then began to become extreme, anger outbursts would appear out of nowhere.  The headaches were excruciating and the two senses he lost never entirely returned for the rest of his life, only about 50%.  He says this was to be, a huge learning lesson for him but he didn't grasp it and it was to show him how he was taking things in his life for granted. It only managed to push him further over the edge.

- Michael’s  death was thoroughly investigated, being an international rock star, anything was perceived as possible and even probable.  The autopsy is accurate.  The theory of his death of auto-erotic asphyxiation was started by a member of the press who didn't like him and furthered by Paula Yates who refused to believe Michael would do such a thing though he without a doubt, almost committed suicide impulsively many years earlier.   He was previously ashamed of his death, how he left his daughter and how his parents had to cope with this, but he is in a better place now, of a very high vibration on the other side.  He has come to recognize and deal with his many demons and he is healed,  doing very well  in God's true light.

-Michael  was on a quest to become more spiritual near the end of his life but could not seem to get there due to all the excesses and living a double life,  of an aging rock star, afraid to let the party end and of a Father, devoted to family life.  It was like he had a split personality and he now sees in many situations, he was not being true to himself.  He was not  connecting with who he really was, caught up in the superficial trappings of money and fading fame.  He lost touch of himself.

-Michael conveys his immune system was crashing at the  end, he was taking cocaine, valium, Prozac and lots of alcohol before he took his life.  Drugs and alcohol numbed his connection to both God and himself.  He would've forgone medication too for his manic depression if he had to do it all over again and got rid of the drugs, and even the alcohol, as he drank quite heavily.   Artists often are manic as if it's intrinsic  to the artist's nature and often do their best work in bouts of depression, like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Vincent Van Gogh, Robert Schumann, Edgar Allen Poe, and Lord Byron to name a few.  To medicate or not, is a fine line but Michael would choose not to medicate but to feel it all so deeply and create his art from it.  Alcohol is the true enemy of manic depression he says.

-Michael embraced Buddhism on earth to some extent, believes totally in Taoism and would've ended up studying the Kaballah which he believes to be the most important sacred work one can study currently.  There is so much there man has not tapped into yet. 

-Michael is thankful for all the loves in his life, most particularly Michelle but all of them, were beautiful, special and gave him great happiness, he simply always couldn't find the happiness within so he kept searching outside of himself.  He speaks of one, aborting his child which he now believes was so very unfortunate, for she would've made a wonderful Mother and the child would've had him for awhile.  He is saddened Tiger ( his daughter) never got to know him well, but he says she will have a full and beautiful life.  He was concerned she would follow two of her older sisters but feels she will indeed find her own way.  He is there at times of despair or trouble in her life and always will be.  He is there on holidays. 

-This is the song that tells you exactly how he feels:

-Michael is not with a mate on the other side, choosing to go it alone and do his work for now.  He had to learn to love and appreciate Michael, without a beautiful woman on his arm.  He is happy, glowing, at peace, radiant, truly healed and he wants his fans to know, he loves them.  He is without a doubt, extremely fortunate to have the fans he has had, who honor him to this day and play his music.  He wishes them sincere blessings in their lives.  But he does not come through with words, information or messages for fans.  He is far too busy with his spiritual work on the other side and he is very, very careful to whom he speaks to.  He does not leave general messages anywhere for so-called mediums.

-Michael is with his Dad constantly on the other side, sees his Mum and works on things with her, with a lovely woman named Isabelle who is another Mum to him, associates with many people you would never have heard of, but is fortunate enough to have a close kinship to Kurt Cobain.  He associates with Jim Morrison quite a bit, as they have had past lives together and are linked in a deep soul connection but often times, do not see eye to eye.  Jim and Michael both reeked of sexuality, that's so past life he says.  He was a huge Jim Morrison fan on earth and recorded "THE PASSENGER" written from one of Jim Morrison's poems by Iggy Pop.    He also says they are linked to Jim's true love, Rebecca.  Jim is very difficult without her on the other side.   He has associated with Andy and Maurice Gibb, two fine blokes.  Otherwise you would not be aware of whom he is with, but he wishes to become a great spiritual teacher on the other side, so he aspires to this and works on it relentlessly. 

-Michael is singing a Rolling Stones song:

Oh everybody waits so long

Oh baby why you wait so long
Won't you come on! Come on!

I've been walking Central Park

Singing after dark
People think I'm crazy
I've been stumbling on my feet
Shuffling through the street
Asking people, "What's the matter with you boy?"

-Michael says "MISS YOU" is actually a song a male friend of his should hear and signal him he is coming through from the other side.  He also makes a reference to the Beastie Boys.  Michael also breaks into "Break on through to the other side" from the Doors.

-Michael also loved great art on earth and was more moved emotionally by it and inspired at times by paintings  than by music.  He is talking about a Matisse painting that someone he knew was recently viewing.

-"ADELE" she is the singer on earth at the present time he likes the most.  Michael has visited her to inspire her in the past two years. 

-  Michael is extremely close to his Dad Kel now but he has many things to work out with his Mum, Patricia. 

-Michael  could not create art with INXS  in the last decade or so as a member of that group, as it depended on commercial success which true art never should.  He wanted to take the band in new directions, he was shot down and it was as if his opinion didn't matter, wasn't valued and he felt more like an outsider at some point, than the front man.  INXS was his closest family on earth, much closer to him than his family of origin, but never the less, in the last few years of his life with that band he felt he was not valued or appreciated.  His 20th anniversary tour with INXS was going to be his last one with them, he was leaving to pursue a solo career and acting. 


  1. Jacqueline, I find what you share very interesting. I have not read all of your blog post regarding Michael Hutchence yet. But I have read enough that I have a few questions. I do feel I have communicated with Michael. I didn't know him. I didn't know any of his family. I have absolutely no interest in gaining money or anything from sharing this with you. In many ways I am simply trying to understand what I am experiencing. Ironically, I feel I have also communicated with Cobain and Morrison. This caught my attention in your blog. I rarely share specifics with people in the things I feel Michael has shared with me. I find it deeply personal and sacred. The only few times I've shared has been when I felt he wanted me to. You say he will not communicate through any others. Not sure I can believe that. I have sensed he is with Michele Bennet at times. I also am amazed at what you shared about his death as this is information I feel he has also given me. I would like to stay in touch, if you are interested. You can email me at Take care.

  2. I have a commicated with michael he is around me all the time sometimes when he i feel his pain and he always hugs me and tells me loves me and supports me my email is

  3. a lot of what is stated here can be found on the internet, I already did in 2007 so it mustn't ne that hard 4 years after .... some things you state are true I know that for a fact, but you really need to get of your high horse and cut the contradictions really ...

  4. This is hysterical.
    As someone who knew Michael and his family - his brother Rhett is one of my best friends - I find this utterly ludicrous.
    And an insult to the memory of a great man.
    This sounds exactly like some of the crazy fan mail Michael used to get.
    So much so that it is scary. Rhett used to collect tons of Michael's fan mail from the MMA office (because there was so much, it usually just went straight to the bin) and we used to read these letters out loud in fits of hysterics, and all too often, shock, horror and utter amazement.
    There was one insane American woman who used to send a giant envelope to Michael's management every single day - filled with the most demented ravings you could ever imagine. She would go on and on about how he was communicating with her through song lyrics and videos and how she was saving herself for him - and then one day she actually showed up in Sydney after somehow managing to track down Rhett.
    The most terrifying part is that this woman was definitely nothing like the way she described herself - and was so disconnected from reality that she actually believed the fantasies she constructed.
    This one woman seemed to think that if she could somehow stalk Michael and get his attention, then he would magically ignore the fact that she was about ten years older than he was, not even remotely attractive and the size of a hippo.
    It was terrifying to witness such extreme delusional behaviour.
    Reading the rubbish on this page was a very disturbing experience for me - it brought back some very unpleasant memories of a close encounter with total insanity.
    The insanity of the demented fan lost in a fantasy world, not actually caring at all about the object of her fantasies as a person or an individual, except as the reflection of her own obsession.
    Michael Hutchence was a truly humble, friendly, down-to-earth, considerate and intelligent man, and he would never have said any of the nonsense you have claimed, or talked about people he cared about in those terms.
    I can only wonder about the motives of people who do this sort of thing.
    It seems like a sordid attempt at self-aggrandisement, at the expense of people who are no longer around to speak for themselves, and about whom you only know whatever you have read or seen.

    1. Rowen I never met Michael he had a charisma talent
      He was a great artist I agree with all you said people
      Dreaming of this to earn a buck of the dead.RIP MICHEAL. You will be long remembered of being you. GREAT!

    2. "The most terrifying part is that this woman was definitely nothing like the way she described herself - and was so disconnected from reality that she actually believed the fantasies she constructed. "

      LOL! I wonder if this was that Amy Lee person? I wrote about her a couple times on my own blog. She's very delusional and believes she was Michael's and Kurt Cobain's lover and best friend.

  5. I totally agree with Roman. You are shameless and have no clue about who really was Michael or anything. Only a few know the whole truth and I certainly know you're not one of them. Whatsmore, the fact that you tell you can connect with him and others is extremely insane, dear. Not only for the things you say but for the fact itself.