Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Scales of Justice by Divine Channel Jacqueline.

The Scales of Justice by Divine Channel Jacqueline

I am called "Jacqueline" of the Great White Brotherhood of light on the other side The term "psychic" is a vast term, much like the word music. It means so many things to so many different people. Psychic gifts or abilities, vary in range of development and most of all, categories. Some psychics see, some hear, some feel or do a combination of those things. It has been a battle for me to accept my gifts and to make this information public but I know these words were not given for me alone.

In my channeling's that are about to be presented, I must make it clear, I not only heard these souls clearly, I saw them either in my third eye or in my human eyes when I would close them. Some of them gave me distinctive scents as well, but each and every one of them gave me the required confirmations I would need to feel this is authentic. If I do not believe it's authentic, I will not allow it to be made public. I am not a psychic who believes "that's what I got, so here it is" but one who believes every soul I speak to is of great importance and I should work to have their words be presented in a way of accuracy and integrity. I must get confirmations and receive these spirits in different ways, not just pick-up a pen and believe someone is speaking to me.

My process involves many layers of confirmation, not imagination. I also would like to say, I was not familiar with most of the people I have now channeled. I was not a fan, or a reader of their personal lives. Some of these souls began appearing in my dreams many months back. Such as the former lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence. He began to speak to me of a singer named "Adele" before I ever heard of her quite a long time ago, saying he was a big fan of hers from where he is now. I kept thinking this dream was not accurate until I heard "Adele" sing a song for the first time. Michael entered my third eye and I heard him say that was her.

When these souls came in to speak to me, I did not question them about anything! They are here to say what they feel they want and/or need to say, not do a "Q & A" session. These are my channeling's, presented to you with no opinion, or thoughts from me. This is not about me, it's about those on the other side wanting to express their truth, in their words, on their terms.

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    My mother has passed can you contact the other side at all. Just want to know she's okay. Her name is heather. Let me know on email