Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aaliyah: Journey to the Past

-Aaliyah is quiet, beautiful, entombed in light, she speaks of how grateful she is for all the tributes to her, the outpouring of love she has felt and held onto.  She says her Mother is open to this communication and says she is around her Mother all the time and tries to talk to her in dreams and show her things.  She is around her brother often too.  She whispers to him and quietly laughs.  Her brother was her best friend and her Mom was more than a Mom, but loved her whole family so much.

-From the day Aaliyah was born, her Mother saw the truth, she was meant to be a star, someone who was here to be in the spotlight, expressing herself.  Her Mother knew and she knew from very early on.  Her first memory this was going to happen was actually at age 7, she knew, she just knew.  She could not have done anything else but perform she says.  It was the only thing she could be, no other choices for her.

-Aaliyah realize it fully but she was an intuitive, she was psychically gifted as was her Native American Grandmother.  She also had the ability to use her third eye and glimpses of things came through but she didn't realize it.  She had a feeling, a strong urge not to board the plane she was killed on.  This feeling of just pain, dread and fear came over her and if she had listened, her life would've continued on earth.   Aaliyah didn't have to return to the sky she says that day.  She wishes she could have stayed longer.  Someone made some bad choices, bad free will choices that is and so she exited early.  She would've lived a long life otherwise.  Aaliyah had vivid dreams, sometimes they were just fun and didn't make much sense but often they were out of body experiences to the other side.  She saw things that you could not see on earth, such as colors, places, and she didn't know where she was going, she usually had sweet dreams.  Aaliyah dreamt  of her movie career, felt "Queen of the Damned" should have been her ticket but knew the "Matrix" would be.  She is sad this was taken away but has made peace with it.  She feels strongly you must follow what your intuition tells you, it could save your life, as it could have saved hers.  She was going to be married and have children, at least two children she says.

-Aaliyah was happy and in love at the time of her death with Damon.  She still loves him and she wants him to know she is around him sometimes.  She holds a pink rose up to her one cheek and sheds a tear when she speaks of Damon.  Three times he knew she was around she says, three times since she's gone home.  She says Damon has beautiful daughters, she is happy for him.  She tries not to think about what night have been.

-Aaliyah tells us her time on earth was magical, she was really tired, more like exhausted the day she died.  She was very tired, she felt no pain, she hit her head on the plane at the end so she didn't feel the heat or the burn or anything.  She was not aware they crashed thankfully.  She was not aware of her passing until she and others with her who crossed over, were heading  to a bridge, it looked like stairs but was a bridge.  She was over to the other side really fast.  She didn't have to think about it.  She was greeted by many and welcomed home to a big party.  It was beautiful, but emotional as she kept thinking of all she left on earth and that includes all the work she had to do.  It took a little bit of time for her to realize, she could not go back and continue, it was over.  She saw her body afterwards and was in shock.  She was glad she felt no pain.  She was very, very saddened for her family though and for Damon, and Timbaland got an early visit from her, but she didn't know if he really understood. 

-Aaliyah had a long history on earth, has been there many times.  She is an old soul, ancient to be exact.  Aaliyah shows me symbolism of ISIS and says, ISIS means so much to her in so many ways.  She has a sanctuary that resembles a a temple on the other side.  Her temple has many Egyptian artifacts and symbols all over it, that seem to reflect her soul's history and then there are symbols and images I cannot understand so I inquire, what are these things?  She says they are Nordic symbols, it looks like three triangles in one and Aaliyah  says that is a part of her soul too.

-Aaliyah Idolized Janet Jackson in particular but was totally original in creating her image, which was no work at all for her, it was just there.  Her favorite music video now is, "REMEMBER THE TIME" by Michael Jackson and has met him briefly on the other side, they do not hang-out she says, but she seems surrounded by others from past lives. 

-Aaliyah speaks briefly and quietly about R. Kelly.  She said she wants to use the word "Svengali" to describe him and says he has issues beyond what people see.  He needs help she says, and knew everyone was right about her getting away from him, it would've ruined her life.  She is troubled by his behavior since she left. 

-Aaliyah is devoted to the Holy Mother Mary, always liked images of her, and  has been in her presence twice on the other side and realizes what she means to the world.  She doesn't really believe one religion is better than another but has a personal relationship with the Holy Mother and says she the Holy Mother is appearing to people all over the world.  She has found truth and love in Jesus and the Holy Mother and understands their teachings but has felt drawn to Gnosticism a bit more than other things as an ancient soul. Aaliyah begins to cry when thinking about the Holy Mother but the tears are those of joy she says.  She was there when she came to the other side, right after her big party.

-Aaliyah made huge personal sacrifices to do what she did, but wouldn't change a thing.  Even if she knew she was leaving at the age of 22, she would've done exactly what she did, no regrets she says quietly other than not getting more time which was taken out of her hands.  She feels such love all the time from her fans. The tributes make her cry and smile all the time.

-Aaliyah still performs on the other side, for the downtrodden souls who return in bad shape. She sings, she dances to bring joy.  She wants to see Missy Elliot again and have talks with her like she once did.  The Usher tribute blew her mind.  Her last album on earth "Aaliyah" was more of her true self.  She was so  happy, happier than people could imagine.  She always prayed and spoke to God throughout her short life and now is so close to God and those closest to him.  She is grateful for her short but happy life, hoping to only bring others happiness and she is grateful for the fans, who remembered her and still do.  It means so much, she feels you where she is, she can't describe how amazing it is.  Her hope is that people just realize what  the gift life is and the gift you have of those you love because they could be gone early and quickly like she was, there is no time to take anyone for granted she says very seriously.

-Aaliyah was happy every time she performed, and grateful.  She felt every performance couldn't just be alright but had to dazzle, she lived to dazzle.  Her light has not been extinguished, it's really brighter now. She continues to dazzle and feels she has gotten much better as a performer on the other side.  She does not have a favorite performance on earth but singing at the Academy Awards was a major thrill as well as a charity event she did at the Beacon theater. 

-Aaliyah does not believe in TMZ and those media gossip sites.  She kept using the word incredulous and saying she does not understand why these sites are embraced.    They have too much power Aaliyah says to make or break you on innuendo.

-Aaliyah starts singing "SOLID" by Ashford & Simpson and says Valerie Simpson should have  had more respect, great song writer and vocalist.  She loves Valerie, admires the career of Beyonce and says Beyonce stays true to herself.  Aaliyah from a variety of musical influences, and now Aaliyah says, sends a song by Pearl Jam to many she loves called "SMILE" and tries to put her image in their heads during that song.  She says that's such a perfect song.

-Australia was a place Aaliyah  found true inner peace.  She is glad she got to spend time there, it brought more of who she was out in terms of her inner core.

-Aaliyah forgives the pilot and anyone involved with the crash, the plane was too small and she  has forgiven all immediately upon her return to the other side.  She cannot carry that kind of bitterness in her soul, she is not that person.  It was an accident she says, and for her to thrive and grow, she has had to accept it, all of it.  You must accept what you don't want to own she says.  You have to integrate it all and become one with it.  Peace says Aaliyah isn't about having it all your way but understanding there will be an end to the rainbow, only to start anew and begin building a new one, with your own signature colors in it and a new way.  Everything that happens is OK if you realize it's a part of the process, your process of finding your own self and truth she says.

-Like her earth life, Aaliyah  has returned to the other side, hitting the ground running. She says she is rarely alone and endlessly performing.  She is filled with joy and is eternally and deeply grateful for her last incarnation, her 22 years of being born into so much love, so much light and being able to be herself all through the process.  She understood early what to do, but she now says the biggest understanding is, lifting others with her voice and her performance.  Aaliyah exits singing "Ave Maria" and says she will eternally sit at the feet of the Blessed Mother Mary.  She turns and a true Princess of the heavenly realm exits, to continue to uplift the lost souls who are wandering through the dimensions. 


  1. Excuse me,where did you get your information on Aaliyah's grandmother being Native American?Thanks

  2. Did she say how she felt about Jay-Z sacrificing her?

  3. Did she say how she felt about Jay-Z sacrificing her?