Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jon-Erik Hexum, The Next Big Thing

-Jon-Erik Hexum enters, very charming, tall, and handsome, and is very quiet and polite as he begins:

-Jon feels excited to be channeling, like he just got a part and he is happy to be heard.

-Jon caught the acting bug in college in Michigan and it was all over but says, eventually show business would've chewed him up and spit him out, so hopefully he would've gotten out in time and did some kind of meaningful work. Jon wanted to be a serious actor, like someone who would be in "Ordinary People" or even "The Big Chill" absolutely loving ensemble cast films.

-Looking back, Jon says he was naive about Hollywood but worked hard and would take any job to basically get by or climb the ladder,he repeats a few times that he was not afraid of hard work.

-Jon believes "Voyagers" was a great show with a great premise. It would've worked better later in the 80's or 90's but it was worth more than what was invested in it are what his true feelings are about it now.

-The TV show "Cover-up," Jon says while there is no such thing as a curse, didn't have good energy and he wished he never took the part. It was a draining show for him mentally and physically and he was not afraid of hard work but, it drained him so much, it wasn't worth it. Jon's death was of course, a stupid accident and if the hours weren't so long on the show and he wasn't so tired, it would not have happened. He says there is no mystery to his death whatsoever. He says he was getting loopy and not thinking clearly by that time in the day. He left his body before he got to the hospital, meaning he had already ascended to the other side and was not in his body the last days of his life but was very happy that his body, (then an empty shell) was kept on life support, so his organs could serve to help others. That's the one bright star that came out of this he says. Jon does mention when the blank went into his head, the pain was beyond anything he could imagine. It wasn't Hollywood magic, it was real agony but thankfully was over very fast, in less than 90 seconds he says. He also mentions the guy who replaced him on the show, didn't have very good luck either in life. There are just things energetically we should not be involved in Jon says and that show was one of them. He says it didn't make Jennifer O'Neil happy to know she was right about guns and he smiles. He says they did not have the best relationship but he wishes her well.

-Jon admired Merv Griffin who interviewed him because, Merv knew how to do the business in Hollywood and he would've liked to have become more like him.

-Jon did love Elizabeth,  He smiles when he thinks of her and says they were really kids back then though he didn't think so. She was a sweetheart and he says, singing is closest to her heart but that, he wants her to have even more happiness but is glad she went on to have kids. He knows his passing was really traumatic for her and his parents and he felt horrible about that.

-Jon has many friends on the other side, and many are from show business or formerly from show business. He seems close to Lana Clarkson and also has had much communication with Bruce and Brandon Lee both of whom he admires very much. He says Lana was murdered, point blank, no suicide. Brandon died from an accident, long hours on the set, very careless on the part of the person who was responsible for Brandon's death but Brandon is at peace and more so than he was on earth at times. Bruce Lee's death, Jon says was not a great mystery but it was brain swelling from various factors, not one thing. Hollywood according to Jon, has to have it's stories, the tales of mysterious deaths, but Jon says few actually are mysterious whatsoever.

-Jon has visited both Jeff Conaway and Roxie Roker who were in a movie with him Starring Joan Collins. Both are wonderful but he says poor Jeff really did suffer through Hollywood's ups and downs. Roxie is a sweetheart whom he enjoys socializing with.

-Jon has been living like Phineas, his character in "Voyagers" with a better understanding of history. He has been going all over the universe and the planet earth and takes his work on the other side very seriously. Jon works on a truth mission, trying to direct various people on earth to uncover the truth in science, history, earth preservation and spiritual matters. This is a huge undertaking says Jon but he is part of a wonderful ensemble who specializes in this work and it's very rewarding.

-Jon's group cannot violate the universal laws of interference or interrupt free will but it can attempt to point those in certain positions to uncover the truth, in the right places and help to influence thoughts, ultimately it's up to the person to embrace what they are directed to or not. Jon says he guesses you could say, cover-ups are still something he works on. He says people have no idea how much they've been duped or are being duped, and it's worse today than people would ever believe. Jon says that the constant stream of so-called "news" is not the best thing for the planet right now, it can be quite dangerous and is often totally misleading. What people are hooked on or focusing on is a real concern to his committee. The private lives of public people, the alcohol and drug fueled arrests and incidents, the superficial news of what politicians are doing and the bias of the news to one side or the others, is total indoctrination so someone benefits financially he says. It's troubling for those who watch this all in what is beyond 3-D and according to Jon, it is a swamp of layers and layers of mud that needs to be washed away to begin to realize there is more and that the truth hasn't come out. Much of what goes on right now in the media, Jon says is a distraction and this isn't some bad movie plot, but really if people could see what he sees, he leans back in his chair and says "whew, they'd be in suspended disbelief, total shock." He says the truths are slowly starting to come out and he would channel them, but that's not how it suppose to happen. Scientists, historians and others need to find proof of these things. He says he knows he sounds like this is a science fiction movie and it's not designed to make people paranoid, but it's important for him to talk about all of this for people who are open and he thinks more and more people are becoming aware and open.

-Jon wonders if his good looks would've held him back from more meaningful roles. But he says he now has one of the biggest roles and he is much happier to be doing this work, as opposed to working his way through the Hollywood system. They kept saying he was the next big thing in Hollywood and for a kid from a small town in New Jersey, he made it pretty far he says. He didn't think his looks were anything special, but he thought his drive was going to get him far or so he hoped. Jon wasn't concerned with worldly possessions or owning things, he wanted to end up making meaningful films and doing meaningful work. He feels he did his best acting work on earth in "The Bear" and probably got more out of doing "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" than he realized at the time, as it was great training he says.


-Jon is now committed to helping direct the planet to find the truth so the earth can benefit from it in every way.  It's a big job and apparently his committee on the other side is fairly large but this work is the most fulfilling gift his soul can imagine.   He was shocked his life ended so soon but in retrospect, it may have ended the day he landed in Hollywood, that's not a place to feed the soul Jon says, even if you try to stay grounded and be yourself, at some point Jon conveys, things are likely to go awry.  He wishes everyone the best and he is out there, working, plugging away, no longer posing for pictures but hopefully making real contributions.  Blessings to everyone Jon says, as he turns and leaves with a bright smile.

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