Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kurt Cobain: Dogma of Abberation

-Kurt Cobain is here to speak of things he wants to talk about!

-Kurt knows some of his fans will actually listen, and Kurt really didn't mean to leave the world and upset so many people, that's not what he wanted to do.

-Kurt wants to say, he was committing suicide for years before he went. His death wasn't what it seemed because things were altered but he does take full responsibility for ending his life, just don't believe everything you are told and realize his coma he was in while in Italy was not exactly how it was presented. He does mention a drug dealer being involved in his death but has to accept the whole shebang he says for what took place.

-Your life should not come down to one day Kurt says, the day you die should not be the end all, be all, all the days before should matter more.

-Kurt dislikes most of the press, the media sucks for the most part says the iconic rocker, but he has much respect for Kurt Loder, who Kurt Cobain says gets him, and not because they have the same first name either.

-Nihilist was what Kurt was, he's a little different now, after all he's been through/

-Kurt sees his daughter, and knows she turned out much better than he did, Thank God.

-Kurt talks about forget me nots ( the flowers), not roses, everyone loves roses, but he keeps saying notice the forget me nots.

-Kurt doesn't understand having a fan club, he would like more of a blog where people add their own lyrics, poetry, words, journal entries, like a co-op.

-Kurt had a hard time crossing over, he was aware what was going on but in bad shape, cause your mind goes with you he says and one of the main ones that helped him cross was Jim Morrison, even though he wasn't a fan of Jim's on earth, but now he says Jim is the coolest dude in the universe.

-Kurt has a close friendship now with Michael Hutchence, who had more charisma than anyone on stage according to Cobain. Michael and Kurt travel the universe quite often, Kurt describes them as simpatico.

-Kurt has met Jerry Garcia once on that side, no friendship, he has his own trip and has met John Lennon, not what he thought it would be. Kurt says Morrison is much cooler but he's sure John Lennon isn't channeling all these people who claim he is and ringing angel bells.

-Kurt is a member of a major soul group that contains artists and musicians, and works for the greater good, very into what he does now. If he had to do it over again, he would draw, paint and design jewelry, just bracelets, silver with expressive symbolism, esoteric maybe, one-of-a kind definitely, yeah he would be a jewelry designer he says with a grin, a bracelet maker is what he would do if he could do it all over again.

-Kurt didn't die, there is no death he says and people think he was this messed up junkie who went out because he was a messed up junkie, not true, Kurt claims he was messed up with or without he drugs. Everyone knows that heroin is shit he says, it's comatose inducing shit to be more exact Kurt says , but it was a pain killer for him, physically with his stomach problems, mentally with his chemical imbalance in the brain, and emotionally because he was on some strange train ride that never seemed to stop.

-Kurt doesn't like psychics, says more are opportunists, judgmental a--holes, or frauds, you take your pick. Kurt is only speaking now cause he feels like it, normally never talks to a psychic person and gives specifics if he does. Stop calling him in he says, you won't get him on your Ouija board, that's a game and he is not playing. He doesn't have some cosmic wisdom for you, if he did, guess what? Kurt says you wouldn't get it from him anyway (he laughs), he never feels like talking to psychics, what purpose would it serve? He says he has channeled to Jacqueline, but he didn't mean to make her sick and dizzy, and he spoke to Sloan Bella once and Darcy, (who understands him very well ) but he  never spoke to anyone in the U.K. 

-Kurt is not sure why he is called the voice of a generation, Hitler was called the same he says, hmmm, he has to think about that.

-Kurt wasn't sure how to find God on earth, but wanted to, knew religion was wrong, and now he knows God. He has been forgiven, and he forgives everyone because there was some really messed up stuff that took place in his name, lies, and more lies, and he says he forgives, it's over and done with, and he has let it all go. He is sorry he caused anyone pain by the way he left, it was irresponsible but it was a train that was going to crash, by then, it was inevitable, he says to please forgive him and know he never meant harm to anyone. Kurt says he did some messed up shit so he does need to ask for forgiveness.

-Kurt has private issues to take up with Courtney when they see each other face to face. He won't discuss them but will hash it out with her so each of them can move on and go their separate ways and he calls it a laundry list of complaints, but then he says, WAIT she has moved on and so has he but they do need to have a private discussion on things, and there will be no hearts and flowers or love letters he assures me.

-Kurt would marry a nurse if he had to do it over, or someone of that ilk, a caregiver, because he really needed one.

-For the conspiracy theorists, and Kurt is wondering if he should throw Sarah Palin in this part, Tom Grant isn't totally right and he isn't totally wrong, there is some truth in some points he makes, just not the main ones.

-Kurt wants to talk about music on earth, does try and keep up a little, and he has some people he would get a real kick out of reaching. He says believe it or not, he likes Sick Puppies, for Aussies they do rock he says and "Polar Opposite" is pretty good.

-Kurt wants to talk about the band, The Missionary Position and says the lead singer Jeff rocks and Kurt is glad he has conquered his demons and is on the right path. Kurt truly wants to communicate with Jeff because of people they have in common and says the Viper Room isn't all what it's cracked up to be.

-Kurt talks about a musician named Barrett Martin and his Zenga paintings and Kurt likes "Shapeshifter" but feels all the paintings go with his music, he says they are kind of interesting.

-Kurt wants everyone to listen to this band on earth now, he thinks they "get it" above all others:

-Kurt doesn't appreciate or know how to handle gruesome images of his dead body being passed around for the world to see, Kurt says he could handle that kind of stuff but it's not for the general population.

-Kurt wasn't actually bi-polar, but was born with extreme chemical imbalance in the brain.

-Kurt says the Suicide note was not actually a suicide note, you figure that one out.

-Kurt has decided since crossing over, the book "The Naked Lunch" is not finished though he had the honor of meeting William S. Burroughs on earth, it needed more to it but he says keep reading your Kurt Vonnegut, his work was finished and it's something everyone should read.

-Kurt would not be a fan of Lady Gaga, he thinks her fans are cool, she is not cool he says, too narcissistic for him.

-Kurt says self-loathing, loathing of family and chemical imbalance adds up to one cosmic disaster. Kurt could have gone the way of serial killer in theory but instead put it down in music, and at times, being a jerk kept his vulnerability hidden.

-Kurt wants the world know, you don't need to hate, write about what causes emotion he says, anger, rage, depression, just write about it and Kurt says it helps it and it heals it sort of.

-Kurt believes Amy Winehouse should have a date  on that side with Sid Vicious, though he says Sid is not on his level and not in a good place, some of them do better than others, it's just some want to recover and get to the core of their inner soul.

-Kurt shows a big dream catcher and says he put the nightmares of his past life behind him, they are gone now. It wasn't how it should have been, but he has let go of it, he holds onto to none of it because getting healthier, and he said healthier not healthy means the past has to stay there, and now he's pain free, and no one knows how good that feels, but he says, his transition was incredibly hard, and it took a while to get to that point so, if you think ending it your way will free you from pain instantly, he says guess again. The pain will be much worse for awhile, there's no free ride and there's no easy out, what you leave behind, you will be dealing with one way or another. Kurt calls his life on earth, a cautionary tale not for the weak of stomach or faint of heart.

-Kurt says he wants to talk to his friend Mary Lou again because she's authentic, and wants to tell her he plays the drums on the other side, he always kind of liked the drums.

-Kurt said that the day he went to Exodus, the misconception is, that he was in denial, he just wasn't ready for it and Exodus wasn't the answer, the answer for him was even more spiritual and he couldn't find it but searched.

-Kurt wants to communicate a very strange thing to let the world know, in the days before he went on the big cosmic transition, he was actually happy. He can remember being in this Mexican restaurant. He doesn't recall being in Linda's Tavern hours before he died but he did go there at times and honestly, he was in a good mood after leaving Exodus. He claims he was looking for pills, something to replace the heroin, but it didn't work.

-For the record, Kurt had nothing but total admiration for Dave Grohl. He never hated him, and Kurt knows he wasn't easy to be around at times, but believes Dave was a real friend and still is.

-Crossing over was hard, truth is, Kurt didn't realize he had done it, so it was shocking to him and the transition was worse than the last years of his life but he did break on through to the other side and he doesn't believe in the "27" club because it doesn't mention all the people who weren't famous who crossed over at age 27, so he says it's just so superstitious and lame.

-Kurt had a classic suicide, and he knows it, and he wonders why people want to doubt it but at the same time, he says the best one is that Jim Morrison died in a bath tub on heroin. That was a murder Kurt says, his wasn't, just things were altered after the fact and he even has to take responsibility for what the drug dealer did because Kurt chose his poison.








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