Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jeff Buckley: The Last Goodbye


This is channeling from late singer Jeff Buckley, and this is what he wants to say:

-Jeff enters with wild, wavy brown streaked hair, piercing brown eyes singing a Led Zeppelin song "


which is their greatest masterpiece Jeff says. It's the song he wishes he could have written.

- He is once again Scotty Moorhead, because Jeff Buckley was an earth persona to carry on a legacy of music and the day he changed his name, he became a conduit to the other side. Many thought he was lost in space, and he was, receiving chords, bars, notes, words and ideas from another dimension some call heaven. The day he changed his name, his spiritual gifts opened and kept opening. He was receiving information from those on the other side like the great guitarist, Randy Rhoads, and musician John Bonham, even Jim Morrison was in his head but there was a reason for that, he never understood on earth as he wasn't actually a fan of his. He had a dream of Jim once that was rather vivid while Jeff was New York City. In Italy, Jim was there again for some reason and now he knows why.

-He was not self-destructive like Morrison or others really, as he fell somewhere between Prozac and razor blades and felt songs were better if they included both aspects. Jeff's singing was a release of his soul, from primal and ancient screams to the sounds of a siren from a time long gone by. His soul took over his body during a performance and he was not in control, happily he was not in control.

-Jeff didn't really want to be famous, viewing it not so much as selling out, but a trap. He felt Shane Doyle understood him and his music better than almost anyone. Loves his Mother Mary, respects what she has done with the utmost truth. Feels the press is the most harmful thing on the planet. Finds the European press worse than even the American press.

-Jeff wanted to go in a new musical direction, doing things he had not attempted before, not so much futuristic as innovative. It was hard being in his skin at the end of his life, not depressed, not in any way suicidal, but needing some new cycle of energy to come in but he had faith it would return, for the longest time, he felt dry musically and was searching for something to excite him again, beguile him and invite him in. He had faith it was coming.

-Has made peace with his Father on the other side and is with him often. Does not search for answers to his Father's previous life as his Father Tim doesn't search for answers to Jeff's. They respect each other, see it all differently but they are close now, as the essence of Jeff Buckley seems to relate to the essence of Tim Buckley better than anyone.

-Most of those Jeff speaks to on the other side you have never heard of but for the author James Joyce, whom he is grateful to bask in his great understanding of the universe in the most microscopic ways. He has learned Jim Morrison came to him to write a song and leave it for Jim's true love he never got to meet on earth. He did write a song and it's about her without Jeff knowing it on earth. It will be revealed to her. Jeff also had past lives with her and is familiar with Jim's true love Rebecca, coincidentally the name of one of Jeff's girlfriends.

-Jeff previously channeled to a woman named Victoria and gave her a letter that went into a book. He does not speak to Victoria at all anymore and Jim Morrison is raging about her claims she is currently speaking to him. Jim gave her true information on his death and left and does not speak to her anymore. Jeff has come to me to make it clear, Jeff didn't take his own life, it was an accident or was it? He was meant to leave. He was done in that incarnation. Perhaps his song should be "The River" by Bruce Springsteen Jeff says with a small laugh. Great stories often end in tragedy but he wasn't really of earth and wasn't going to stay for long.

-Listens to Edith Piaf on the other side and has heard the beautiful vocals of Eva Cassidy since he crossed. On earth, he likes how Kate Bush uses her voice. In fact, Jeff LOVES how Kate Bush uses her voice and also loves this band:

Believes more people should listen to them, they get it he says, he's a big fan now!

-Jeff hangs out with a musician named Roger Voudouris and says people should revisit Roger's album "RADIO DREAMS" as it's worth your time. Has true admiration for many real musicians, a deep gratitude to Chris Cornell.

- Jeff found fans hard to take, and women who wanted to sleep with him even harder to take, it was awkward, bizarre and made him to vulnerable and not in a good way. Never fell in love on earth, maybe it would've ruined his music. He felt the pain of relationships and cared for two girlfriends a great deal but in truth, he only gave them so much of himself and it ended up becoming complicated and he made it almost impossible for them. Jeff became like a jigsaw puzzle to his girlfriends, and they got tired of trying to find where all the pieces belonged. Sometimes it came off as if he didn't care and that was never really true. But he could not really fall in love, and totally give himself to someone, only for fleeting moments. He did have a girlfriend when he crossed over and she has since, tried to figure him out Jeff says with a smile.

-Jeff's most intense spiritual experiences happened in Italy. He was channeling the spirits of many, Jim Morrison, and many others at that time without realizing it. He felt them close by and he felt the most in his element during his concerts there. He tells Jim's true love to listen to a song called "Jewel Box" he sang on earth and says it's for her, it kind of just fell into Jeff's hands.

-If he were alive today, though he felt at home in Ireland, he would choose to live in the United States and possibly close to Bryce Canyon or an area like that where he could visit the same thing 50 times and find something different. He dislikes Orange County and would not choose to live back in California. He would also not live back in New York City.

-Best performances on earth were in Paris he believes.

-He shows me he dyed his hair black, that was Jeff Buckley, not Scotty Moorhead. He shows himself on the phone as when he spoke on the phone, he said what he meant. Scotty Moorhead was just a kid who loved music and lived for it, that's who he is at heart.

-The music Jeff left behind that appeared after his death is the music he is proudest of, "Nightmares by the Sea" is one that stands out. He felt that was the work he could be at peace with but Jeff was never at peace on earth but is now. He is happy people have found him who were meant to find him since his death, he says this is a mystical thing, he reaches out to certain people on earth with his music, like Brad Pitt but doesn't converse with them, just inspires them. He does not come through to fans or others via psychics or mediums, Ouija boards or seance's, he comes through to those he has some sort of spiritual connection to and points them specifically to his music.

-Jeff said he could not have dealt with fame on earth, it would've wrecked him, the energy was too aggressive and yet, not random enough, but expected, planned and exploitative.

-Jeff's life is now meant to serve as an inspiration and that is solely through his music, not his private life. He was meant to come to earth for a short time, and help others find the true voice of their soul and let it take over them.

-Jeff connects to those on earth he had past lives with and wants to say, he "was really expecting to hear your answering machine, not thinking you would pick-up the phone" and he says hello to Natalie Leer but does not explain who she is.

-Jeff's spirituality is really different now on the other side, he still does not follow organized religion, music is his religion and life force but he is now into Taoist music and seems to really find Taoism as part of the path to enlightenment. He admires those who seek God in carnatic music and in Hinduism through music, following the path of connecting self to soul. But for him, he is already there in many ways. His mission on the other side is to enlighten through music and he is extremely turned off by those who perform music simply to become famous or make millions. This makes them grandiose liars Jeff says. There is nothing worse than someone doing music for purely commercial purposes according to Jeff Buckley.

- Jeff mentions a movie or movies being made about him on earth and finds it a lamentable decision. Jeff is hoping the actor portraying him does not claim Jeff is behind him, helping him sing, he won't be because it's absurd. His essence was and is unique and no one should strive to impersonate the essence of another and he doesn't mean tributes, but a full impersonation. A tribute is an individual spin on things Jeff says and still requires your own art to be created. Do not try to get into his essence Jeff says. This is what never should be.

- He is exceedingly grateful for his tributes on earth and has heard them all, as it brought great joy to him. He does not want to point one out over another but seems to have things to convey to Duncan Sheik and really wants him to know, Jeff has been around him.

- Jeff wants to mention the song "WALKING IN MEMPHIS" by Marc Cohn as he sends that to some people or manipulates the radio to have it played! He says it's a kind of ironic song to send people but he smiles and says it does the trick.

-Jeff is now singing the Creed song for me, "My sacrifice" and says he loves that song.

-Jeff says he began visiting an important person to him in 2005. Her name is Rebecca and she is connected to Jim Morrison but also to Jeff in past lives.

-Jeff quotes a song he says is by Stevie Nicks "I can turn all your music on, I can make you feel alive, I am gone but I'm never gone from you."

-Jeff exits singing a Fleetwood Mac song "Tango in the night" and claims that song, says it all!


  1. Divine Jaqueline,
    I wonder if you would email me? :) Or I can email you?
    I have very interesting questions and I also have some information that you might like concerning your changelings. I am really excited to talk with you!!!! You have a GIFT m'lady ;)
    I have butterflies in my stomach reading this!!!!
    You may be able to help me with something that is very dear to me and to someone else.
    (No, I don't want a reading lol. I am a channel medium myself but am connected to some things you have posted. VERY strongly connected :)

    In Constant Love and Continuous Light Always,

  2. He does not come through to fans or others via psychics or mediums, Ouija boards or seance's, he comes through to those he has some sort of spiritual connection to and points them specifically to his music. But you say he comes through to you..... you are not special everyone is equal, many of the things you're written here are well known and documented, the information is already out there...

  3. What made want to do a channeling with Jeff? Did someone ask you to do so?

  4. Feeling this reading.
    I've been getting clairaudient "messages" from Jeff the last couple of nights, and a lot of what you say regarding his thoughts on music is the same vibe I got. He also explained to me "The accident that caused my death is the tragedy, but I don't see dying as a tragedy at all! It is glorious, because I have integrated with the Universe! My music is now part of the music that shapes the cosmos; there is nothing tragic about that!" He told me about "Joanie" and how he's proud of what she's become, and that she would not have pushed herself as far musically if he was still around. He said he's proud of his mum "watching her bring my legacy to life again and again".
    Jeff described the moments that lead to his death, the first sense of panic when he got pulled under, and how quickly it all happened. He said by the time his companion called out for help, he was already gone.
    So much more I could say. Am enjoying the messages on this "frequency" of his I've been able to tap into :)

  5. Jeff was a friend of mine in life. You are scum for exploiting his passing for your own ends. Don't claim to know him. You never did and you never will. Shame on you .

  6. I can only hope you still get comments delivered tk your email and actually read them. I've read everything you wrote, and you are so full of SHIT!.EVERY one of the people you write about/lie about "come to only you" and they ALWAYS come to you SINGING!. Can yoh even fathom how utterly ignorant you sound,and are!?. Channeling?!. ha! why haven't you come back to post more bullshit?. Maybe YOU are in the afterlife now?. Or its more likely you know your gig is up, no one believes you. you are probably that crazy fan that sent the huge envelope of demented ramblings to Michael Hutchence's music offices that someone commented on.