Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Great Improvisation. (Heath Ledger)

Channeled to Jacqueline

Heath Ledger comes in to speak, and share the truth of his life and passing.

-Heath begins by speaking of his life, as it was due to be a short incarnation. Heath has been on earth so many times and when you become evolved, or somewhat evolved, existence in an human body on the planet earth is more difficult, as you often feel like an alien visiting earth as Heath  most certainly did much of the time as an adult. Heath was deeply loved by his family, parents, and sisters and adores them with every ounce of his being. Heath loves his darling angel, his daughter  Matilda, beyond what we can imagine and is confident she will be well looked after. Heath has a deep respect for Michelle Williams but states, they would have never lasted as a couple. Heath could not be what Michelle wanted but tells us, that Michelle has a great and true love walking the earth she is not together with yet but he is hoping it happens for her and she is loved as she longs to be.  They would not have reconciled, though it was all very sad for their daughter.

-Heath speaks of not being a true thespian in a classical sense but he took his craft very seriously and worked to become the characters he played so much, he would often need to detox the character after a project was completed.

-Heath tells us, that many people believe playing the "Joker" pushed him over the edge and he said, it was more his role in "Brokeback Mountain." Of course, he wanted to meet Michelle and have his daughter, but that particular role proved to be a heavy load for Heath to bear. He liked to travel about as he pleased, do what he wanted and fame was always something that made him uncomfortable in his own skin. "Brokeback Mountain" brought a level of publicity, intrusion and negativity Heath was not totally anticipating and he found himself ill prepared to deal with it and represent the important movie and its' themes with accuracy and integrity. He felt like he was being pushed and this exasperated all the feelings he had of  the discomfort being in the public eye.

-Heath abused substances, meaning drugs for two reasons, the discomfort of being in his own skin and the insomnia that seemed endless and debilitating. Heath says, he took what is called an exit point as his soul decided, it was time to go and this plan went into effect 18 months prior to his passing but he wasn't aware of it on a conscious, human level. He indicates, he was going to exit earth one way or another and it was better he went in his sleep, though he certainly believed at the time he was only taking an afternoon nap and trying to rest up and heal as he did not feel physically or mentally well and believed sleep would do the trick. He tried many substances, looking for the answer and he never truly found it. All the substances, worked almost against each other and created many problems but he tells us, he lived with the belief he could take all those substances due to the fact he had been doing it for months before he crossed over with no serious problems. He was not a drug addict, not addicted to one substance or several substances but was addicted to trying to turn off the discomfort of being him, very much the voyeur, or like a ghost at times walking the earth. It was a very strange feeling he had in those final months on earth he says.

-Heath's portrayal as "the Joker" was a bit taxing on him but not in the sense it pushed him over any edge, he was already there with "Brokeback Mountain" but while many cannot understand this, it was time for him to go and this makes no sense he tells us because he had a young daughter on earth. The separation from Michelle was done to make it easier for this transition to occur but he tells us, he is sorry his family, Michelle and his close mates suffered so much with his passing. Heath acknowledges his own daughter despite her young age missed him immediately and now, he will be around her on a rather consistent basis to see her through but feels at peace with the love and care she is supported with.

-Heath says despite claims made by some "famous" or Heath says "infamous" psychic, he will not be returning to earth any time soon, he would not even consider reincarnating at this time or maybe ever. He has been here many times over and he now has many jobs he does, and devotes his energy to on the other side. He wants people searching through their own self-consciousness, to see how drugs, in the chemical sense, alter us biologically, and  are a huge gamble even if prescribed by a doctor. He is trying to influence treatment of substance abuse, to change course actually and to become a wealth of knowledge on what these substances that we use do to us physically, mentally and emotionally, how some of them change or restructure brain chemistry. He is working diligently on this project with many others to influence great minds in psychology, and psychiatry on earth to begin to utilize alternative methods of treatment. He smiles in a shy fashion when he remarks his story is not like that of Anna Nicole Smith and he has never met her on the other side. Their stories are quite different and when he first crossed over, he was not necessarily in a good place, not in hell but in a place of needing some recovery space from the earth life or the ride he had just been on. It was such a smooth, easy transition, no better way to go than in your sleep Heath says.

-Heath says now he believes his favorite film would be "A Knight's Tale" as he just loves the story and life was very good for him at that stage. He says on earth it was "Braveheart" and he still is very grateful to Mel Gibson and forever will be. He also starts talking about Hollywood legend Jean Harlow, saying he has quite a crush on her and will leave it at that. He is not with a mate on the other side but insists, it's only due to the fact, he still has much work to do on Heath. Heath says he thinks his performance in "10 things I hate about you" is pretty awful now but he knows that film gave him such opportunity. He is grateful for everyone, for everything but we must understand, for someone as evolved spiritually as Heath Ledger, taking a journey to earth is quite the bumpy ride.

-Heath has met Nick Drake and says they are very much kindred spirits as Heath always believed they were. Heath starts talking about a group called Silverchair, they resonated with him and he liked songs that had a haunting nature to them or a song that stays with you all the time. that has almost a chilling effect and Heath says there were many of those for him. Heath also mentions a group called "the Lords of Acid" and how so many people who liked him like them as well. He starts to mention a song called "Old Man" and he says now, it's rather annoying and smiles because now he doesn't think very much of that song at this juncture. Heath starts whistling and singing "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder, and then he exits by saying his life was a great role, a great improvisation and good films end leaving you wanting more, feeling almost unsatisfied, as you want to know what happens next, so he hopes everyone enjoyed it more than he did at times.

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