Saturday, July 16, 2011

Truth. (Bob Marley)

Channeled to Jacqueline

Bob Marley has come to speak to me, with a heavy accent and so I ask for clarity. His eyes are crystal clear, his smile is gorgeous as he begins:

-"I am here because I wish to tell the truth, for nothing else matters and there can only be one truth. I don't believe in the seers or psychics as you call them that do this to pad their pockets, not in the least" says Bob but he says he does believe in this process because he was and still is a philosopher and still has messages to convey.

-Music Bob Marley says, is the most unifying and significant communication form presently on the planet, it has been for thousands of years but the cranked out, complete junk they are selling you or saturating your airwaves with, leaves much to be desired in his opinion. What do the artists stand for who are making this music? Why don't they take it seriously he asks? Bob says, everything in life cannot be taken as a joke and most of all, with such a powerful medium to reach people, you should have something important and significant to say. The world is not improving, but things are getting much worse Bob says, and the power we have to reach the masses is spent on such meaningless lyrics and shallow images.

-"What is your truth?" Bob asks, "What is the truth?" If you don't know your own soul or what you believe in, then you should not be speaking to the masses, for your message is, nothing is important but you", says Bob Marley.

-People believe or some do that Bob Marley is all about smoking blunts (he smiles) that's really freedom of choice and cultural but not inherent to his philosophy and goals. It is not inherent to his soul. He lashes out at those who believe this was really important to his message.

-Bob acknowledges 13 children on earth and Bob says he watches his children and is proud of each and every one of them. Bob loves Rita more than any other woman but states that the music business or show business makes it difficult if not impossible to have a true marriage and is no place for married people who wish to stay married.

-Bob realized before his death how corrupt show business was and how there was a tinge of corruption on his soul especially with the women who never stopped throwing themselves at him. "Money became empty, the soul was running dry" Bob says after years in show business.

-His message is, there is one God and many paths to him, Jah is God he says and God is the same God everyone speaks to who sees truth, not superiority of one person or color or creed, or gender over another. "God is a God of light and truth, not fear, not oppression, not judgment for you will judge yourself and feel the pain you inflicted upon every human being on your return" to what Bob calls "Zion." Your soul has a tally Bob tells us and will keep score of the rights and wrongs you have done and freedom only comes from living and breathing and most of all speaking the truth. The truth is, no one is better than another, and no one should be exalted over another for empowerment or control of anyone.

-Bob speaks about the U.S. since the channel (Jacqueline resides in the Northeast of the U.S.) and suggests, what the U.S. has done to many places is criminal and he is pointing now to Haiti and is deeply saddened by what has happened there, suggesting the U.S. has cultivated many of the problems in that place. The middle east wants to be divided Bob says, there is no point in trying to bring anything there now but suggests Africa is the key to all the world thriving and being in peace and harmony, the Motherland is the true feminine energy of the planet and must be respected as such, Bob Marley tells us. Bob Marley is puzzled by President Obama, suggesting he wants to "assimilate" more than speak the truth. Bob does not understand the need to "fit in" to say the U.K's vision of the world or France's vision of the world but not wish to bring about necessary changes to the world stage, given the rare opportunity Mr. Obama has been given, like a gift from God says Bob, a gift being misused and wasted in Bob Marley's viewpoint.  Jamaica is not the way he hoped it would be, but only the people are to blame he says.

-Bob has many teachers on the other side and teaches many. One of his teachers is, Jiddu Krishnamurti which he believes everyone should read. Joseph Campbell,  the American writer is around Bob along with play write August Wilson,  who is very quiet and very close to Bob. Bob also has admiration for Tupac Shakur and Notorious Big, suggesting Christopher Wallace was so different in his lyrics and perceptions, he was original and Tupac was deep. Bob is with his brother he says, Lucky Dube, and keeps suggesting the singers known as "the Fugees" are two people he has no respect for, but does not elaborate on that comment. He also believes Bono's heart is in the right place and the group called Black Uhuru  should be honored like the Rolling Stones.  He also likes a group on earth presently known as "Rusted Root" for their deep soul fusion of sounds,  and starts singing a song Donna Summer made public  called "State of Independence." He also loves Chuck D of "Public Enemy." May you all listen to the song "Fear of a Black Planet"  says Bob Marley.  He also speaks of many singers we would not know who are not yet famous.  He has more admiration for someone who picks up a guitar on a street corner and sings the messages and not rides in limos with make-up people and lives for their own hype.  Bob also speaks of Carly Simon, and says he respects her greatly, loves her song "Touched by the sun" and her version of "Blackbird."  Bob says some of the best singers in the world now are from Africa and there will be a woman who will win the hearts of the world with her voice in four years who has lived in the depths of disease and famine.

-Bob says he was not murdered but his earthly body left  by a terrible disease. There were assassination plots on his life and he would not have made it past the age of 37 regardless. One major plot was hatched in Jamaica he says, another one hatched in Germany. He was more important than he realized. His soul was ready to go, he has put down the torch so others can carry it, not extinguish it with their lack of vision, and message. Though born in Jamaica, his heart is in Ethiopia and he says, people will think it is trendy to visit an Ethiopian restaurant but the culture, the feeling, the truth evades them about the place he is now fondest of on earth. He is rather disenchanted with singers who mention him and who seem to be "fans" of his but continue to use their gift for no message but to publicize and glamorize themselves. "Glamour" is a great illusion says Bob Marley, the soul is not glamorous. the fight for truth and justice is not glamorous, what is it to say, I always wanted to be glamorous? It says one is shallow" and  Bob uses the word "foreboding" for someone on earth and says they will understand and smiles. The message should be to promote unity, understanding and respect not look at me says Bob Marley. Bob says, God is the true light resides in all men and women but they allow corruption and inner demons to overtake their light so they are individually glorified instead of working for the whole. Bob does not blame alternative cancer treatments for his bodily death but knows it was time to go home and it was time to pass the microphone so others can lead the way.

-Bob Marley speaks of his concert at the Stanley Theater in September of 1980, it was emotional, important in so many ways and he says sometimes though that venue does not exist in that context any longer, he returns to that area of Pennsylvania with his dear friend, August Wilson,  who lived there for years. He is not haunting anyone but Bob Marley is hoping, that everyone will believe in a greater message than self-promotion. "There should be no hunger" says Bob, "in a world of plenty, no hunger for food, or knowledge.  There should be more people reading Maya Angelou"  Bob Marley says and smiles.  Bob wants to leave by saying "We must come to a place where we realize, we are a part of the whole, not a shining star in the night, but a contributor to something much larger than ourselves."  Bob ends the channeling by saying  "Cancer is a poison that comes to our human body and we are asked to put more poison in to kill the poison that has already invaded; Your body cannot be saved or spared sometimes from a difficult ending so why go to extraordinary means to live on when your soul has decided to fly free?  Perhaps we are afraid of soaring, and we cling to things that are  temporary but seem stable and  comforting.  Your spirit will live forever, it will roam in the night, and be a powerful force.  Do you choose to believe in the temporary human body or the everlasting spirit?  Which means more to you?"


  1. Hi Jaqueline,

    somehow it fits, what you write.
    It really could be his words.
    But how it happenend, that you´ve got messages from him?

    Are you still in contact with him?
    i would like to know, what kind of feelings he had about germany and why his destiny was so close connected with germany?

    Could he say something about my music for example?
    What can I do better with the message of my my music?

    I would be so thankful for an answer of all this questions and it could be a kind of evidence for me;-)

    Sorry, i really respect what you do, but sometimes I have my doubts about things.

    My name is Pierre.

    I´m from germany and maybe you could do me the favour, to give me an answer to all those questions.

    maybe you would write me back on

    Would be very kind.

    Bye an thank you.

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