Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ryan Dunn: Jackasses are never really done!!!

Ryan Dunn has shown up, friendly, happy and ready to communicate from the other side:

-Ryan wishes his death had been taped (not joking) as it was spectacular he tells me, but he didn't have a death wish yet knew for a fact, he would go out in such a way and actually he knew he would not make it to 40.

-Ryan starts singing "Angie" by the Rolling Stones and gives the impression she was a true soul mate to him, he absolutely loved her, and says she made him happy. Angie will find love again he says, she is too beautiful to stay alone and says something about a cameraman. Loves his Family so much, doesn't want his Mom to cry and of course, Bam knew he left him before he got the call. Bam knew and was angry he left him here, but he is only going to apologize for taking Zach with him. He didn't want there to be a passenger to his fiery end and he is very sorry about that and Zach has already forgiven him because the crash was meant to happen and they were meant to go. Ryan says his number was up and so was Zach's, but he wants to formerly apologize to Zach's loved ones.

-The ending for Ryan Dunn happened too fast, he didn't feel much he says at the end. He felt heat, would've liked to have felt more. He wasn't as drunk as people say, he could hold his liquor well and the area he crossed over in, he actually loved and had quite a few friends. He use to really love Ohio but now he says it's Pennsylvania. He knows people are in pain and he wishes he could just make them laugh, he was very happy, and his life was the happiest he says because he was true to himself. Really doesn't know how anyone could be truly shocked by his death but at the same time, enjoy every moment he says, be yourself and most of all, laugh because it will all be over so quickly.

-If something had to survive, Ryan was glad it was his tattoo's/ He was proud of them and says Roger Ebert's joke about his death was actually funny. He says his death is a learning tool, "don't try this at home." Unfortunately if you want to live like Ryan Dunn, he says you can go to the other side the same way.


-Ryan says Zach Hartwell was the bravest guy, more balls than anyone. He is so sorry for Rachel but Zach was meant to go too. He wishes he could change that.

-Ryan loved the fact people got off watching him, he liked to make people happy, he loved life, and he loved to meet people. Ryan Dunn says nothing against the Kardashians but he was more fun to watch (laughs hard).

-Ryan says he was going 142 mph to be exact when he crashed.

-Ryan wishes everyone would stop crying, and remember the laughs and most of all, have a drink but do not drink and drive, because he doesn't think everyone would be happy going home right now and he refers to the other side as his real home. He is happy, having a blast, and says was listening to "THE FRAY" not long before he left the earth.

-Ryan about his earth birthday, 1/11/77, very lucky cosmic number he says and he laughs, no really, it's a good number. Thinks maybe "Patrick" should have been his middle name, not Matthew, says he likes "Patrick" better.

-Ryan was a man's man, not a pretty boy type. He got dirty and was proud of it.

-Ryan says MTV needs to show those reruns, there was some great stuff on there.

-Ryan says you can't stop fate or really fight it. He is one of the happiest souls on the other side I have seen. He says, he is so light, and can do the most amazing things and will come through to his family, to Bam, to Johnny and many others. Visits from him are to be expected, he just hopes no one misses it.

-Ryan was more than a jackass he claims that he was actually perverse. He says get your dictionary out and look it up, his picture should be next to the word.

-Says here's his song now:


Ryan exits singing Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" and says he doesn't really have any regrets, he lived on his terms and he went out on his terms.




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