Friday, December 16, 2011

To my true, cosmic mate, Rebecca

"Summer winds blow the white sands,
the salty wind whips across her face,
She stands alone on the turquoise beach of our dreams,
No one close by to dry her tears,
No one in sight to hold her hand,
She has a true love, a man -
who has walked through hell to look in her eyes/
who would give up heaven to kiss her bee stinged lips
but he has forfeited his one chance, to be loved for all he is,
this was done by the hand of another, one he never loved,
for she was only a proxy for his true Goddess

The black tourmaline candle burns in the window,
only for her, She walks the days
alone and forbidden to enter

I roam the crystal desert alone,
a mad man asks, how will you find her?
How will you survive?
I sink into the barren land,
no castles are built here,
no fortress to ease my pain,
She radiates though the night,
stardust in her hair

I hear the scream of a dying coyote,
the unbearable sound reemanting death
is projecting from my lips,
I write her a note and send it on the wind,
" I can't be forgotten, I can't be ignored,
when you finish your jail sentence on earth,
the gate to your gilded cage
 will swing open and I will be there,
I will never let you go, the universe is ours,
the sun, the moon, the stars have been woven into
your hair, for I am the mad man, we shall not
stop this dance, the ceremony has only
just begun"

Eternally yours, Jim
Channeled through Jacquelyn Murray


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    1. Is there any more from Jim from the other side. I hope you can continue to channel and bring his poetry across... much love. Hash

    2. -> Newest song from same spirit.

  2. A poem is so beautiful,Rebecca is so lucky lady to have his love.

  3. REALLY?! do you belief this shit ? (Jim Morrison messages from the after life)

    This is the prove that:
    You are all, STILL a bunch of fucking idiots !
    A bunch of mindless slaves, that belief anything,
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